Netflix changes (note lack of outrage)

I think I may be the only geek who’s not righteously angry at Netflix right now, but I think any of the new plans are a pretty good deal. My actual DVD watching has apparently been pretty low the last couple of years, so moving to streaming only is probably the right move for me. Netflix continues to be the only pay-TV service I am happy to pay for, because it’s still exactly what I want, more or less when I want it.

I would like a better streaming selection from Netflix, but that’s really only partially in their control. I would like Hollywood to sell me a product the way I want it, but they don’t do that in the theater—why would they start now? Cable companies don’t sell me a product the way I want it—to get the channels I want I have to subscribe to hundreds I don’t. Netflix is saying I can have whatever I want from their streaming buffet, or that I can pay the cost of two iTunes rentals a month to have any DVD ever published delivered to my home. Or I can get both for sixteen bucks.

I don’t see a problem, really.

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