Publishing Option Vertigo

I think Google Plus has pushed me over the edge. I finally have more places to publish on the web than my tiny lizard brain can process.

Here’s my list:

It’s primarily a problem of audience. I also have a Tumblr devoted to my favorite fake organization, PETSA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals), but it’s pretty clear what kinds of things should go there.
I’ve tended to use Facebook as my primary sharing mechanism for some time, and my crowd there is a mix of friends, professional contacts, and family. This makes things a little odd sometimes. Political stuff tends to end up on Twitter (so that I don’t irritate my conservative relatives), but I also use it for conferencey things. Tumblr is such a delightful collection of creative types that it tends to attract that kind of thing for me, and it’s also so easy to reblog that I do a bunch of that. The work blog is designed to share digital humanities information with faculty in the departments I work with, but in practice there’s considerable overlap with my other interests.
That’s the status quo. With Google Plus I have two cognitive blocks: one, what to put there; and two, every time I publish I have to decide who to publish it to. This is theoretically perfect, so I can whine about my writing project without including my editor (a real example from a couple years ago). But practically, having two decisions to make has resulted in my not publishing anything to Google Plus yet.
This is a first-world problem. Perhaps there is a reason I’m listening to Minimal Mac while I write.

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