This morning I dropped off a Netflix DVD in the mailbox on the way to work. I’ve done this a thousand times, but this time was probably the last. I signed up for the streaming-only plan based on my careful analysis of exactly how many physical DVDs I’ve watched in the last year. So, depending on how you’re scoring I’m saving either $2 or $7 by switching away from physical media.

And then, later this morning, Apple released two new Macs without disk drives (the new Macbook Air and Mac Mini) while releasing OS X Lion via its online App store.

Netflix and Apple, two really smart companies, have decided that DVDs are not the future.

My TV setup is now: cable company TiVo, Apple TV, and Roku box. Even the TiVo is essentially an internet computer.

I, for one, welcome our new streaming overlords. Netflix is still the only TV I’m happy to pay for, and I’m thinking I can pull in Amazon or iTunes rentals for the stuff Netflix doesn’t have.

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