Comparative media

Last post written a couple days ago. Tonight I’m watching Al Jazeera English on my Roku (live web stream) and CNN on my TV, as the ship of state lurches wildly.

First comment: ten minutes of Al Jazeera contains more actual information than, so far, forty-five minutes of CNN.

Second comment: Jazeera has academic pundits, CNN has partisan ones. Also, no Democrats on CNN so far, though there was a ten minute interview with a Republican senator. Our media landscape is so distorted that lots of people think CNN has a liberal slant.

Third comment: the horse race (that is, who’s winning and who’s losing) seems to be much more important to CNN than the actual issue under discussion. Likely because it’s more accessible to people who aren’t following the details day to day, and because drama makes good TV. Lazy, lazy.

Fourth comment: the President of Argentina is on Al Jazeera calling us fiscally irresponsible. Argentina. Calling us fiscally irresponsible.

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