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My relationship with the Boston Globe’s new site has come to an end. It is a product I wanted to like. Here are some reasons I didn’t:

  • In hindsight the signs were there during the trial, when I needed to sign up for an account to see the free material. Why require registration for something you’re giving away? In any event, I tried it on day 1, set up the account, and promptly forgot the password. When I went back a week later and couldn’t think of it, the solution was to call or chat online with customer service.

  • It’s relatively expensive: I’m paying $9 a month for the Kindle edition of The Economist, which is an infinitely superior publication. The real price for the Globe is $14.99, unless I consent to let them ship me heaps of paper. Which is clearly what they want.

  • The layout on my phone includes enormous ads (like, three screenfuls) for most articles. Again, the Kindle Economist is ad-free.

  • The content on the site has only turned over about 50 percent this week.

So, anyway, it didn’t work out and I went to cancel this morning. The way to do that was to chat with customer service. Took about ten minutes of a person’s time to do. Ten expensive minutes.

My summary: an ineffective product delivered in a way which is really expensive for everyone involved. I’d like a good digital edition of my hometown paper. This isn’t it, yet.

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