How News Works

While following the Supreme Court’s debate on the healthcare law I found myself looking at three identical articles in three different major papers.

NYPD officer convicted of sex assault; jurors continue to deliberate on rape (Washington Post)

Jury tensions rise in NYC officer’s rape trial (San Francisco Chronicle)

NYPD officer convicted of sex assault (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Two problems here, pointing in different directions.

1) Google News needs to figure out that the original source for all three of these is the Associated Press and link to that.

2) Why would I not subscribe to the AP directly?

I suspect fear of 2 is why 1 is the way it is. I don’t mind at all linking to a good story elsewhere, but if you’re reprinting it as your reporting that isn’t a compelling argument for me to buy your paper.

Just downloaded and deleted the Boston Globe’s new ePaper app, which recreates the print edition exactly for iPad and iPhone. Which is a really weird idea, especially for an iPhone app.

And in the meantime, to prove I’m not oatmealing on newspapers, I bought a subscription to the New York Times online. It’s a better product, more complete, better thought-through, easier to use. Which is why it baffles me that The Globe (owned by Times Corp.) is so hapless digitally so far.

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