You say “industrious” like it’s a good thing

Was reading  Jed Sundwall’s piece on the Golden Lazy Smart Person earlier. The idea is that you can classify colleagues on two axes: smart vs. dumb and lazy vs. industrious. Dumb/lazy is obviously undesirable, but dumb/industrious is actually a problem also–someone who doesn’t know what’s important can create problems that take your smart/industrious people months to work out. Sundwall’s Golden Lazy Smart Person is the person smart enough to figure out an easy way to do the hard thing.

So, so glad this important insight has percolated out into project management circles. He cites his mentor for the diagram. I’m thinking it derives from a German general, the elder von Moltke. It is variously attributed online, mostly to von Moltke. As usual, nobody cites a source. Apparently I can’t either, so we’re even for tonight, Internet.

I’ll take a crack at tracking this down when I have a few minutes at the office.

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