Android apps for iPhone refugees

Discussion at Barcamp Boston 8.
The theme was advice for basic apps in Android for a recent switcher (me). Great discussion, lots of fun.

Uniquely Andoidy apps

Homescreen managers allow you to customize how your phone’s homescreen looks or works

Alternate keyboards

Apps with good widgets (glanceable info on your homescreen or lock screen)

Sensors not available on iPhones

  • barometers and altimeters are included in many Android phones, allowing weird and cool apps.

Phone software replacement software. Android lets you totally swap out the whole set of software your carrier provides.

Music apps. Several folks in the room thought it was perfectly viable to use cloud music services rather than syncing a huge personal library. Folks with limited data plans were not so keen.


Calendar. What was wanted was a calendar that worked like the stock IOS calendar.

Camera apps. Camera replacement apps are much sparser for Android, possibly because it’s harder to charge for them directly.

Notetaking apps. Things like Simplenote or Vesper or Elements for IOS.

Task managers

Personal Cloud Storage

  • Pogoplug
  • Space Monkey







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