Sometimes There’s A Man

I commend to you track three, Go Through Hell, of this rock opera about a podcast host, commissioned by an email marketing vendor, and performed by Merlin Mann, my favorite geek. I just put it up on Facebook to the uncomprehending stares of my non-geeky friends and relations. Track three is the one with the combined literary-Rush reference.  The layers of geekery here are palpable.

Sometimes, There’s A Man

Out of sync

The launch of the new TWIT studio is throwing my schedule off. I’m waiting on Macbreak Weekly and TWIT Photo, and listening to Hypercritical on Siracusa is usually a little more critical than I can handle, but I have to admire the truth in advertising.

Podcasts are part of the rhythm of my week, so naturally I got sucked in by the BBC’s link bait headline “Who Still Listens to Podcasts?”. It tells the story of how podcasting was a fad, then a phenomenon, and now has become part of the media landscape…if a small one.

But Leo Laporte and Dan Benjamin have built very influential online businesses around podcasts, and Laporte just spent a bazillion dollars on something that looks like a real TV studio. Benjamin mostly does audio. Both of them work very traditionally: they find really interesting people to talk to about things their audiences are interested in. I’m a geek, so that means tech.

What’s compelling is the conversation. For me the audio is also a compelling format, since I spend so much time in front of screens. It’s portable. The price is right. Though, from a business perspective, Laporte’s sponsors are responsible for: my backup strategy, my domain name registration, my car. And if I were running a web business I’d totally be buying from Dan Benjamin’s sponsors.

Anyway, rough day today and I am twitchy because I don’t have soothing podcasts to listen to. Civilized life is not now possible for me without podcasts.