Twitterstorms from two perspectives

From about 20 to 23 minutes into this podcast, Myke Hurley describes the rush of tweets he got when he announced he was quitting his day job to podcast full-time. He calls it “a crashing wave of good emotions…but it’s so overwhelming.”

Because I’ve been following Gamergate I can’t help but flip this in my mind, and think about the horror of your phone and your email and the web filling up, not with warm wishes but with hate and threats against you and your family. Not for a few hours, but day after day for months like Zoe Quinn or years like Anita Sarkeesian. I’m also thinking of my other podcast friend, Briana Wu, who did this fantastic piece for XOJane. She’s right. This has got to┬ástop, and there’s no “both sides” about it.