Out of sync

The launch of the new TWIT studio is throwing my schedule off. I’m waiting on Macbreak Weekly and TWIT Photo, and listening to Hypercritical¬†on 5by5.tv. Siracusa is usually a little more critical than I can handle, but I have to admire the truth in advertising.

Podcasts are part of the rhythm of my week, so naturally I got sucked in by the BBC’s link bait headline “Who Still Listens to Podcasts?”. It tells the story of how podcasting was a fad, then a phenomenon, and now has become part of the media landscape…if a small one.

But Leo Laporte and Dan Benjamin have built very influential online businesses around podcasts, and Laporte just spent a bazillion dollars on something that looks like a real TV studio. Benjamin mostly does audio. Both of them work very traditionally: they find really interesting people to talk to about things their audiences are interested in. I’m a geek, so that means tech.

What’s compelling is the conversation. For me the audio is also a compelling format, since I spend so much time in front of screens. It’s portable. The price is right. Though, from a business perspective, Laporte’s sponsors are responsible for: my backup strategy, my domain name registration, my car. And if I were running a web business I’d totally be buying from Dan Benjamin’s sponsors.

Anyway, rough day today and I am twitchy because I don’t have soothing podcasts to listen to. Civilized life is not now possible for me without podcasts.