US Open

Watching Dolgopolov v. Djokovic at the US Open. Djokovic seems to be continuing his aristeia, which is sorta delightful, because he was an also-ran for a bunch of years behind Federer and Nadal, and he’s now playing like he means it.

The sky darkens, and rain approaches, the leading edges of, I believe, Lee. Will cool things off nicely. Although I’m not ready for fall semester, I am absolutely ready for the fall. It’s been a long, tiring summer, and I long for the dark, and the colorful, and the cool.


Good tennis coverage is rare as hen’s teeth. Any coverage. Though it continues to charm me that Al Jazeera includes tennis and cricket in their hourly sports reporting. This is a compilation by The Byliner via American McCarver.

American McCarver: Tennis anyone?